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June 2019 - Current - Health & Safety Manager Consultant
  •  Carry out all Health & Safety requirements for medium size Manaufacturing company dealing with laboratory robotics,
  •  Update policies and procesdures to make sure current and compliant.
  •  Carry out Audit on Comapny.
  •  Advise on all Fire Requiremntsfor the company.
  •  Produce and carry out all Health & Safety Training where required.
  •  Review all accidents that have happened and report to RIDDOR where necesarry.
  •  Carry out all DSE requiremnts for staff.


Sol Safety Europe

June - June 2019 - Senior Health & Safety Advisor (adhoc basis)

·  Advise on all Health & Safety Matters for Sol Safety Europe

·  Carry out Health & Safety Fire Risk Assessments

·  Update policies and procedures to make sure current and compliant


East Surrey Hospital NHS SASH

July 2017 - December 2017 - Head of Health & Safety 

This was an interim contract for the Head of  Health & Safety of a large NHS Trust in the South East taking into account Crawley, Catrerham & Horsham Hospitals

· Review all policies and procedures for the Trust in terms of Health & Safety, and write new ones where required.

· To look at current management systems for lone working within the trust, and identify that all Risk Assessments are current, as well as looking at new ways of working in terms of Management of people and new systems of work.

· To investigate and report to Senior Management Team and the Health Safety committee on Datix WEB Incident reporting within the trust daily for the six divisions within the trust.

· Inspect carry out all outstanding Health & Safety Audits of the 125 various departments within divisions of the Hospital, and put in recommendations and action plans for the divisions, and report back to the Health &                       Safety Committee, as well as making sure that they are kept up to date, and fully compliant with ongoing Health & Safety legislation.

·Carry out Health & Safety awareness Training for the trust three times a week.

 Review all accident and Incident reports, and inform RIDDOR where required.

·Attend monthly Division meetings as Head of Health & Safety with a monthly report, as well as facilities on a weekly basis.

 Attend all committee meetings and extra ordinary meetings where required.

 lead on all Health & Safety Matters within the trust.


Lambeth Housing - Head of Health & Safety

October 2015 -  JamesVetch Dip Grad from Safety Limits Ltd took over as Head of Health & Safety this was to include lookng after 15 staff and 33,000 street properties in Lambeth.

As the Head of Health & Safety it was key that the Lone working trial was brought to a conclusion and a report made of the devices which had been triled by Staysafe and Skyguard, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of using the two devices.

Both devices fall under the BS8484 code of practice for the provision of lone worker device services and operates under 4 standards.

Part 4 - lays down the requirements for companies offering lone worker services to ensurethey are competent to do so.

Part 5 - refers to the capabillity and functionality of the device or app to ensure it is fit for purpose. The devices or app can self-certified by the manufacturer but that must be supported by a comprehensiv technical file.

Part 6 - referes to the alarm monitoring centre (ARC) which has the key role of recieving Lone Worker alarms, verifying them as genuine before passing them on to the appropriate Response service for action. The ARC must meet the requirements of the BS8484 which includes the BS5979 Category 2 together make the ARC suitabelin police eyes for monitoring Lone Worker alarms and by - passing the somewhat cumbersome and occasionallyslow 999 system by going direct to the appropriate police control room.

Part 7 - refers to the responce organisations which soon be augmented by the services of suitabel security companies which meet the demands of a new version of BS7984 for Alarm Response services.

One of the key tasks of this role is to go to site meetings with contractors on site tomake sure they are opearting safeyl and to compliance under the CDM Regulations 2015, and also that documents such as the F10 have correct information on, and also legaly compliant.

To take an active roll on helping to manage Fire Safety withing the Borough with the help and guiidance of the Fire Safety Advisor.  


  Lambeth Housing - Health & Safety Advisor

July to October - James Vetch Dip Grad from Safety Limits Ltd took a contract to branch out into the housing sector by working for Lambeth Housing, as a Health & Safety Advisor, which meant taking on all duties associated with Housing Health & Safety, to include asbestos awareness, and CDM.

One of Safety Limits Ltd key tasks wasto explore the Lone Working System for all lone workers.

There has been a successfull trialof a lone working app, and another trial to follow in respect of Lambeth lone workers,this will be trialled and put towards management for approval, so that a lone working device can be delivered, thus giving the lone workers of lambeth council the protection and safeguarding to which they deserve, so that under dury of care to staff this would be looked favourable.

Kingston University - Compliance Audit across all Faculties

In Janauary 2015 - James Vetch Dip Grad from Safety Limits Ltd was ask to carry out a local audit of all faculties measured agaisnt the University Health & Safety policy, for compliance and structure,  this involved 5 Faculties.

The Local Audit was to be included in the main 5 starr Audit for the University, having carried out the local audit for the University this meant that the main 5 starr audit got 4 starrs which was very good, and not far off the 5 starrs. 

Kinights Park, Kingston University - Health & Safety Consultant

Safety Limits Ltd landed a four month contract in the Faculty side of  Kingston University, last year in 2014 where they were asked to sort out all the Health & Safety for all of the Faculty, for all the different workshops as outlined below in July 2014, the contract officially ended, but due to the work needed to complete, Safety Limits Ltd was asked to carry on for a further six months up until January 2015 in order to finish this project.

Listed below are the different workshops in FADA (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts)

  • Print making workshop
  • Fine Arts
  • 3D workshop
  • Fashion and design workshop
  • Photography and Digital Media
  • Archichecture and Landscape

Safety Limits Ltd started writing all of the policies and documented procedures for all of these workshops, and all Asociated Risk Assessments for all of the machinery and  as a result was then offered a further six months in which to complete this task.

FADA will have a complete set of polices and procedures for all of the workshops once this task has been completed, with the pote tail to carry out audits in the future.

There is a complete Health And Safety Policy which. Outlines all of the workshops in FADA with a very important document for all of the workshops called Risk And Control Measures, this outlines all of the risks and the control methods for each workshop.

A document entitled Safety Guidelines was introduced into the 3D workshop and will be rolled out to all of the workshops in FADA.

The document is written for all Staff and Students in all of the workshops and gives everyone a clear Safety Directive on what can and can't be done.

Amongst all of the documentation for the workshops there were a lot of Mangement checklists which were written especially in the 3D workshop where most of the Hazardous operations were carried out.

Mangement checklists included the following:

  • Mangement checklist for COSHH
  • Management checklist for PPE
  • Mangenment checklist for Hand Tools
  • Management checklist for spraying equipment 
  • Mangenment checklist for compressed air
  • Mangement checklist for Hot Works
  • Risk Assessment for Manual Handling

By having this Safety review will pave the way for future Safety Audits in FADA, and create a positive culture throughout FADA.

Due to the recent work of which Safety Limits Ltd carried out for FADA, the Health & Safety Manager of the University asked Safety Limits Ltd to return back to the University in February this year to start a Compliance Audit Check on all the Faculties for the University with an end time of 31st May 2015 or earlier.

Depending on the result of the Audit will determine what work if any Safety Limits Ltd will be carrying out for the University.

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